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Apgar Score

 An assessment of the physical condition of an infant after birth created by Dr. Virginia Apgar. The score is based on a combination of the heartbeat, respiration, skin color, irritability, and muscle tone. The scores are added up to give a total score between 0 and 10 at one minute after birth. The assessment is repeated at five minutes after birth.

Sign 0  Points 1  Point 2  Points
Heart rate Absent Less than100 BPM Greater than 100 BPM 
Respirations Absent Weak, gasping Regular, crying
Skin color Blue-gray pale all over Body pink.  Extremities blue gray or pale. Pink over entire body
No response Some response Facial grimace, sneeze. cough
Muscle Tone Limp Flexing of the arms and legs Active movement, good flexion


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