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Hyperglycemia may occur as early as 3 to 8 hours after antenatal steroids have been given. Glucose values may be expected to  return to normal 24 hours after the second dose of betamethasone in nondiabetic patients. Pregestational and gestational diabetics on oral medication or insulin  may require, at least temporarily, doubling of their insulin doses.

The expected total daily insulin dose requirement during treatment with antenatal steroids (betamethasone) may be estimated using the calculator below. Individualize to patient response

Total Daily Dose of Insulin BEFORE Betamethasone  (Basal and bolus)       UNITS   

Expected total daily insulin dose requirement
     Day 1
First dose betamethasone  12 mg 
Day 2
Second  dose betamethasone  12 mg 
Day 3     UNITS
 Day 4     UNITS
  Day5      UNITS (revert to prebetamethasone dose)


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And may remain elevated for up to 5 days after 
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