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The calculator below will help to determine the amount of iron that should be given to an iron deficient  woman  to increase her hemoglobin level from her current level to a desired target hemoglobin level. Dosing for antenatal patients should be based on pre-pregnancy weight (or ideal body weight if obese prior to pregnancy).

Enter the woman's prepregnancy weight, the woman's current hemoglobin level , target hemoglobin level, and then press calculate to calculate the woman's total iron deficit .

If the woman was obese prior to pregnancy, then enter her height into the right column to calculate the ideal body weight to use for the prepregnancy weight. .

Iron Deficit Calculator

Pregnancy Weight   kg lbs

Ideal Body Weight and BMI Calculator

 Height   cm in
       (1.524  m = 152.4 cm  = 5 feet  = 60 inches )        

Current Hemoglobin : g/dl  (1 g/dL = 10 g/L)
Target Hemoglobin      g/dl    Ideal body weight   
Body mass index (kg/m2) =

Total iron deficit   mg


Equations :

Total body iron deficit (mg) = body weight (kg) x (target Hb actual Hb in g/dL) x 2.4 + iron depot (mg)** [1, 2]
Iron depot:
15 mg/kg for body weight less than 35 kg
500 mg for those with a body weight greater than or equal to 35 kg

Ideal Body Weight (kg) =45.5 +2.3 * (height inches - 60 inches) [3]

For height of 5 feet or less the IBW is calculated from the mean (21.7) for the recommended BMI of between 18.5 to 24.9.



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