Intravascular Fetal Transfusion

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    • The abdomen is aseptically prepped.
    • A 20-guage,5-inch spinal needle is then guided into the umbilical vein at the placental insertion under ultrasound guidance.
    • Fetal blood is aspirated for immediate hematocrit, CBC, blood type and Rh factor.
    • Prior to transfusion pancuronium bromide may be administered as an IV bolus.
    • Transfusion is performed using type O, Rh-negative, CMV-negative, washed irradiated packed cells, cross-matched against maternal blood.
    • The volume of donor blood to transfuse may estimated using the calculator below.

        Donor hematocrit ( 75%) 
        Initial fetal hematocrit 
        Final fetal hematocrit (~45%) 
        EFW (grams) 

         Volume RBCs to transfuse 

         (Typical transfusion volume is 30 to 100 ml)

        Dosage of pancuronium  (mg)
    • The donor blood is infused at 3-5 mL/min.
    • Fetal blood is aspirated at the the conclusion of the transfusion to determine final fetal hematocrit.

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