Monthly Archives: February 2015

Help is Just a Call Away for Mothers with Postnatal Depression

New research reveals that telephone-based peer support may help reduce postnatal depression, also known as postpartum depression, in new mothers. Researchers also found that social support from peers may be effective for maternal depression up to two years after delivery. At the start of the study all mothers were moderately depressed, but this dropped after telephone peer support to 8.1% (3/37) depressed at midpoint, rising to 11.8% (4/34) at the end of the study, suggesting some relapse.

Large amounts of mitochondrial toxic agents cross placenta barrier

Ten years’ worth of scientific studies on mitochondrial toxicity in pregnant women has been reviewed, including exposure to toxic agents such as viruses, certain drugs, pesticides, alcohol and tobacco. These all cause mitochondrial diseases about which very little is known, and which are transmitted from the mother to the fetus. Mitochondria can suffer from two types of disease: genetic or acquired, researchers say.